May be your problem is how to get rid of surplus money. If it is the case, let me suggest following possibilities:
  • UNICEF . (United Nations Children's Fund). Works for the survival, development and protection of children all over the world (see www.unicef.org).
  • Sivananda Math, Fort, Munger, Bihar 811201, India. Sivananda Math, India aims to facilitate the growth of the weaker and underprivileged sections of society, especially in the rural communities in India. 
  • If you wish to contribute to publication of our books and leaflets related to the prevention and treatment of addictive diseases and/or stress related problems, please contact me. I will inform you about our current projects. My E-mail is drnespor@gmail.com. Contributions from alcohol, tobacco and gambling industries are not accepted.
  •  počítadlo.abz.cz
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