Karel NESPOR, M. D., Ph.D.

I was born in1952. At the age of 16, I met an American Yoga teacher of Czech origin Madame Ossius. I graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University in 1976. Afterwards I was involved in internal medicine and for one and half years in the research into effects of yogic practices at the Czech Academy of Sciences.
In 1981, I became a specialist in psychiatry, in 1984 accomplished the specialisation in the treatment of addictions, and in 1987 completed my training in psychotherapy. Because of lack of enthusiasm for the communist party, I was not allowed to finish my Ph.D. degree at Charles University Prague before political changes in 1989. During my medical studies, I contacted Bihar School of Yoga and 1989 it became possible to visit its headquarters in India. Since 2006 I have been interested in qigong, and in 2012 I became a personal student of master Xu Mingtang.
I was the national counterpart for the WHO European Alcohol Action Plan for the Czech Republic and the scientific secretary of the Czech Society for Addictions till 2006.
A present I work part-time at the Psychiatric Hospital Prague, give lectures and publish. I have written more than 30 books about the treatment of addictions, yoga, relaxation and psychotherapy, two books of poems and hundreds of medical papers.
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Sobriety * Strizlivost!

Abstinenci zdar! Long Live Abstinence!

Sober nad Fine! Strizliva pohoda!