Some of My Original Poems

A Glass
I asked a shopkeeper
for an unbreakable glass.
This honest man replied:
Sir, Madame Curie
broke even an atom.
Unbreakable is not for sale.

Haiku about Laughter
Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha
The Japanese haiku consists of three verses with 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively.
As you can see, it is easy.

If we are born again and again
before achieving perfection
the director of a hotel may be born
as a lonely little girl
a sophisticated lady as a young man
whose riksha was broken in a big city
where even breathing is difficult
an army officer as a child
begging among cars
and a perfumed thief...
better not to think about it
And where shall we be born?
Friends we have still time
to learn sympathy and love
before night closes the book
in the middle of a page.

Rain is over.
Many snails on the road.
I walk carefully.
They too.

God looks in full moon
on the clouds.
From bellow I would say
it's O. K.

Who am I?
I am cleaning and become a shudra
with a broom at the Bombay railway station.
My throat is sore and I am a wounded driver
in a remote hospital.
I am listening to Bach
and change into a priest in a cathedral.
I am cooking rice and become
a woman with many children.
I am also the plantet
and circulate around the risen sun.

Spirituality, self-control, freedom

Three women
care for one baby.
General rejoicing.

Bhakti Yoga
Make a fire of love
and maintain it
by whatever is at hand:
sorrow, pain and joy
are equally suited.

A Rite
I place on the altar
fruits, flowers,
and my back poison teeth.
What should I ask?

Buddha at Supermarket
I met Buddha
At a supermarket.
He pretended
To be cashier.
A swan is the swan
Whether it knows or not.
The same Buddha.

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