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Following text is mainly based on Swami Satyananda's Bihar School of Yoga, India.
For more detailed information please see: www.biharyoga.net.

My first yoga teacher madam Ossius

Swami Satyananda
  Swami Satyananda
Why Yoga?
* You will be more relaxed and will cope with stress more easily.
* Your life style will improve.
* Yoga combines physical activity and relaxation. Both physical exercise and relaxation alleviate anxiety and depression.
* You will find new healthy living friends among yoga minded people.
* You will be able to cope better with minor psychosomatic problems such as headache or PMS.
* Yoga is pleasant and you will like it.
* Yoga will help you to be more aware of your body and its real needs.
* Yoga can be used as prevention and/or one component of treatment of addictive diseases.
* Full effect of yoga takes place usually after some time.
* You should inform about your intention to practice yoga to people living with you.
* The best way it to learn yoga directly from somebody who knows it. But good books, such as „Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha“ by Swami Satyananda, may also help.

What is required?
* At least  9 minutes, if possible every day
* A blanket or a carpet.
* Patience. Remember, that non-violence is the basic principle of yoga. You should apply it also to yourself.
* Your stomach should be empty; it is better to practice at least 2-3 hours after last meal.
* Age and health problems are definitely no contraindication if proper practices are selected. You may consult a yoga expert or a medical doctor who knows yoga.

General principles
* The muscles which are not required for a certain practice should remain relaxed. It is called partial relaxation and you may use it even during your daily activities.
* Be aware of your body and respect your needs and possibilities.
* Yoga is non-competitive. The only measure of success is your benefit.
* It better to practice regularly e.g. every day before breakfast.

Relax to Rest and Gain Strength. (10 minutes, 9,2 Mb)
Yogic relaxation in English  (MP3, 13 minutes, 12,5 MB). 

Pawanmuktasanas (energy releasing exercises)

According to Eastern vies hands and feet are very important for the exchange of energy between people and their environment. To exercise these areas is useful also from the perspective of Western medicine.
Initial position: The legs are outstretched, the hands on the floor. The back, neck and elbows should be straight. You may close your eyes. If it is too difficult, you may wedge your buttocks or to practice lying on the back.

1. Exercise. Concentrate on your toes and move them backward (inhalation) and forward (exhalation). Repeat 8-12 times.
2. Exercise. Practice in a similar way with the toes and ankles. Repeat 8-12 times.
3. Exercise. Rotate your ankles in both directions. You may coordinate the movement and breathing.
Especially the second exercise is excellent for people working with computer keyboards.
1. Exercise. Open the hands, palms are down (exhale) and close the fingers to make a fist with the thumbs inside (exhale). Repeat 8-12 times.
2. Exercise. Bend the hands from the wrists backward and forward. Coordinate this movement with inhalation (up) and exhalation (down).  Repeat 8-12 times.

3. Exercise. Rotate the wrists in both directions.

There are, of course, also more difficult practices. To learn them consult a yoga teacher or some good book about yoga.

Marjariasana (cat stretch pose)
marjariasana  marjariasana

Marjariasana (cat stretch pose) - variation

Vyaghrasana (tiger pose)
tiger  tiger2

Shashankasana (hare pose)

Sphinx pose

Parighasana (cross-bar pose)

Shavasana (relaxation)
shavasana  shavasana var

After some time you may try something more difficult:

Ardha ushtrasana (half camel pose)
ardha usthrasana

Ushtrasana (camel pose)

Vrischikasana (scorpion pose)


Yogic relaxation (shavasana, mp3)

Om chanting or meditation.

sukhasana  vajrasana  ardha padmasana  padmasana

My Papers about Relaxation and Yoga in English to Download
Audio: Mantra for Transcendental Wisdom and Practical Intelligence 108 Times
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